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David Kane is available for original composing and arranging for commercials, films and videos. His unique and eclectic talents have been used by Propellerhead Media and independent film makers for various projects. Please contact David Kane for your next commercial endeavor.


Glorious Battle: The Siege of Fort Erie. (film info/trailer)
David Kane created music for this  WNED film production that 
Premiered June 22, 2011 on WNED-TV and nationally Oct. 9, 2011 on PBS.


Soundtrack for the MovieBuffalo Bushido
A film by Peter McGennis

McGennis gave Kane an open canvas to lay down tracks on the keyboard that Kane felt could later be given a Japanese string translation. The “No More Waiting” track was also used as a point of departure.

Buffalo Bushido

 Composed by David Kane. Performed by David Kane, Jim Whitford, Yoko Hiraoka, Greg Piontek, Michael Miskuly, Mary Ramsey, Bryan Eckenrode and more.

Buffalo Bushido

Composed by David Kane. Performed by David Kane, Cristen Gregory, Bryan Eckenrode, Mary Ramsey, and Michael Miskuly.

Buffalo Bushido

Piano, Strings and Koto.


Harlequin Films
Soundtrack for the Movie in

Thirty musicians are credited with having contributed music to “in”. Director (Peter McGennis) and Composer (David Kane) traveled the country recording with players they knew would capture the vibe of the story.


Chaparral International Pictures
Soundtrack from the Movie Shadow Creature

Detective Brighton investigates a series of unusually gruesome murders and is soon caught in a web of intrigue involving a scientist, a beautiful woman, a corrupt mayor, and a blood thirsty monster.


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