David Kane Quartet (DKQ)

DKQ (the David Kane Quartet) Presents “The Life and Times of Guy Friday“DKQ’s inaugural CD release “The Life and Times of Guy Friday” is twelve new tunes by David Kane, best known as the originator, band leader, and composer of the locally legendary Them Jazzbeards. While slightly reminiscent of the Jazzbeard sound, Kane uses DKQ to create a new aural realm that is eclectic, electric, ambient, and artful. Tim Switala, the late music reviewer, band promoter, and radio producer, described DKQ this way: “The music is still entirely instrumental, but this time around synthesizers and Farfisa organs cozy up with heavy dosages of electric guitar and even some sampling. DKQ’s new sound proves to be aerodynamic and sleek, a seamless fuse of two of Kane’s biggest influences: progressive and R&B. Air meets Ramsey Lewis. Foreign film music meets American garage rock.”

DKQ is David Kane on keyboards, Theramin, and rhythm units, Walter Sopicki on guitar, Jim Morabito on bass, and Greg Gizzi on acoustic and sampled drums/percussion, drum loops, cymbals, and gongs. “The Life and Times of Guy Friday” illustrations, which tell the mysterious story of Uncle Boots in various comic book styles including Japanese anime-inspired and Bill Keane/Family Circus-esque, are by Z. Mann Zilla.

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