"Nullstadt's Flesh is a long-awaited collection of eight songs by Buffalo's senior techno-rock group. Composer on five of them is keyboard wizard David Kane, which should be recommendation enough. Kane provides some of his most sparkling electronic backdrops in support of incantatory lyrics by singers Donald Kinsman and S. G. Collins, notably in the dreamlike 'Wartime,' the rollicking brittleness of 'Walking on Unstable Ground' and the oh-so-bored quote of 'My Favorite Things' in the yupped-out 'Voices Out of Sight'. Unlike Kane's witty and cerebral Decay of Western Civilization, Nullstadt has a flesh-and-blood vitality, which means the band rocks more too. Nor is Kane the sole proprietor of the group's musical ideas. Collins' stream-of-consciousness 'Steinland' and guitarist Bart Mitchell's exuberant 'Reincarnation' are right at home amid the Kane compositions. In all, it's an album one might expect out of New York or London." (Dale Anderson, Buffalo News)

Nullstadt - Flesh

00:00​ - Manifesto
05:38​ - A Similar Crisis
09:35​ - Steinland
15:04​ - War Time
20:21​ - Walking on Unstable Ground
25:48​ - Reincarnation
30:13​ - Voices out of Sight
35:36​ - China

"A meticulously crafted transitional work by one of the city's best-regarded alternative bands as it evolves from synthesized techno-rock to something funkier and more guitar-driven. From a stiff, moody, English-flavored beginning reminiscent of old Roxy Music, it gets passionate, perverse and sexy." (Dale Anderson, Buffalo News)

Nullstadt - Zero City

00:00​ - Behind Closed Doors
05:34​ - Another Warning Sign
09:00​ - Chile Chile
13:41​ - Scream Of Consciousness
16:33​ - Meet Your Maker
22:01​ - Hijack My World

Nullstadt - War Time EP

00:00 - A Certain Hostility
06:25 - Bismark Is Dead
09:47 - Machu Picchu
14:37 - Nullstadt
19:12 - Mutant Fashion
23:41 - War Time
31:29 - Mayday
36:30 - Secret Judge (Live on WBNY)
41:18 - Round (Live)
44:48 - Steinland (Live)

Mayday was their first music video and was produced at Sherwin-Greenberg Productions in Buffalo, New York, and was directed and designed by Nulstadt's own Stephen Giles Collins. "Mayday" was broadcast on the "MTV Basement Tapes" show.

A Similar Crisis.  From the LP "Flesh". The second video by Nullstadt from Buffalo, New York. Music by David Kane. Vocals by Donald Kinsman.