iPhone (Apple)
> DOWNLOAD Files for iPhone
Dial J for Jazzbeards & Hell is in Hello included.

1. Download the Ringtone files (Zipped File with 2 m4r Ringtones).

2. Move the (m4r files) that you downloaded to the “Tones” Library in iTunes.

3. Connect your iPhone and do a Sync.
Select “Tones” in iTunes, check Sync Tones > Selected Tones > Choose Tones

4. Once successfully synced, tap on your iPhone Settings app.
Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Custom > select tone

> DOWNLOAD Files for Android
Dial J for Jazzbeards & Hell is in Hello included.

1. Download the ringtone file. (Zipped File with 2 MP3 Ringtones) to a directory of your choosing on your computer.

> Sync to phone

2. Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable.

3. Set the phone to connect as a Disk Drive. Note: If you are not prompted to “Mount as disk drive,” check the Android Status Bar and click the USB connection type. Choose “Disk drive – Mount as disk drive” as your connection type.

4. On your Desktop, click “My Computer” and find the disk drive associated with your Android phone. Note: If you see a separate drive for your SD Card, you may use either drive.

5. Open the drive and look for a folder labeled “ringtones.” If it does not exist, create one now.

6. Drag the MP3 file to the “ringtones” folder.

7. Safely remove the phone (using “Safely Remove Hardware” for PC or the eject button for Mac) and physically disconnect it to complete the transfer.

8. Set as ringtone

9. On your phone, open Settings | Sound & Display | Phone Ringtone, and choose your new ringtone! (It will have the same name as the MP3 file.) This will set your default ringtone.